Security is a concern for all storage renters. Statistics show that facility lacking fencing, on-site managers, and insufficient locks are more apt to be broken into.

Security at AA Storage Nederland

Our on-site manager, Bobby, will make sure only renters have access to their units. We recommend high-quality locks be used. Renters are encouraged to provide their own, but we do have some on hand for purchase. Security a must for every Storage Unit in Nederland TX

While you are touring the facility or driving by, note the fencing, the solidly built facilities, inside and outside. There are also surveillance cameras to keep an “eye” on everything. Both the inside climate control and outside units are well-lit. Security is taken seriously at AA Storage Nederland, so are your valuables. We encourage all renters to have insurance to avoid the cost of replacing stolen items.

We do want you to make good choices in storing your valuables. Be careful of what and how you pack your items. View our packing tips to keep your possessions safe.


Secure your items
Even after you’ve chosen a secure storage facility, you still can take steps to make sure your belongings are safe.

If you have a few high-value items among your stored possessions, place those valuables in the back of your unit. Doing so can protect your most important belongings from “crash and grab” theft. In this type of burglary, thieves break into several units and quickly seize whatever looks like it holds the most value. Because these burglaries often happen so quickly–usually in a matter of minutes–crooks will be less likely to snatch important items if you’ve made them more difficult to grab.

When packing items keep in mind the motto, “Out of mind, out of sight”. Simply place valuables in the least likely locations in the packing boxes, cover items with moving rugs, and make sure you take a picture of everything being stored before it is placed in the unit and then a picture of everything in the unit. This will help should you ever wonder what was packed and if you think an item is missing, you are able to review photos to locate it.

Though we do not sell insurance, we do require it. It is essential and being responsible for taking out insurance to protect yourself should you need to replace an item. Though not all of your possession may not be replaceable, such as photos and memorabilia, others can be and for those, you want to be covered.  Reserve a storage unit today